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Years of experience serving clients across a wide array of industries, in the US and Australia (plus a BBA in process management & consulting)


Published thought leadership articles, on customer experience, product management, business strategy, and consulting


Consulting Magazine Award for Leadership Excellence, spotlighted for driving the creation of Impact10, a 10 year anniversary program of Jabian Cares, the employee led 501c3 of which I was the Board Chair, awarding 100k to 10 nonprofits in 1 year


Calligraphy based graphic art design service company, offering personal custom artwork (think wedding invitations, family crests, etc.)

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I’m detail oriented; I love creating frameworks to solve or clarify ambiguous problems, and I’m passionate about good data driving better customer experiences. But, I’m also a creative; I appreciate the power of branding, marketing, great UI, and dreaming ambitiously. I love creatively identifying ways to measure success, fail fast, and deliver value often.


As a creative outlet, and away to serve clients more personally, I created Paper Phoenix, LLC. My clients commission me to design bespoke calligraphy and illustration filled graphic-art for prints or stationery. My experience running this company has given the foundation to communicate better with internal marketing teams, partner creative agencies, and other small business owners.


I’m driven to help clients who don’t have the time or skill set to meet a need of theirs. I learn fast, enjoy personally engaging to better understand their needs, and feel good about problem solving on their behalf. Ideally I provide my clients or their team with the toolkit to phase out my usefulness.


I believe delightful customer experiences drive loyalty. As the Customer Experience Offering lead at Jabian, I work with our clients to create and deliver exceptional products across their target persona’s customer journeys. I help my clients balance VoC feedback, enhancement roadmap, and defect backlog goals against business priorities and budget, to implement at a pace that best fits their operational maturity and funding. out in the community, I’m the chair of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) CRM & CX Society board.

Lydia Slotten

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